been at it at least weeks probably at this point to say it not usual but optimistic


dead hand spread way out beside me like a filet of dead hand


to show whats inside maybe


which isnt spare hands in case you thought


industry ed slumps around near where i curl in a cement crag of place dreaming in and out of mesas and other pebblescapes whenever they put me under to tryn operate again


despite and cursing as they call it healthcare in this country


well save that hand yet boys


shouts industry ed


feeling a bit peckish boys


may get a snicker from the machine boys


and a gatorade boys


always calling himself and me boys like when he seems to get tired he says i seem to be getting tired boys


and rattles pockets for change


and stays out of reach of my filet of dead hand knowing i may yet well attempt a strangle even though they are far from through with me and lowly hand chunks far asunder


some days my hand looks like many others like none


he leers near when he wakes up enjoying it as they parcel me out into more niblets but no more of this old david rice american mc escher stock routine business at this point


no sir


sink in and out of seeing hospital as cement basin kind of construction hotel type of deal


elevator plying the outside edges sucking up and down from garage level to upper garage


people falling off the edges trying to climb into the floors from the outside


industry ed saying be right back boys


keeps bringing me spare hands piling up like balloons and flowers in a concession pile for a younger person than myself more impressionable perhaps or with


a man with nothing to lose adds tv set a man in los angeles with nothing to lose


watching more climbers fall commuters trying to enter building from all sides outside which is not a building but a skull of building and should be rather treated and um venerated as such


another shot of novocaine into yours truly filet o dead hand


yours truly ducking under into bowl o fuzz where


industry ed will dress my head


sundae style and serve to very next party


family vacation style


— sorry for delay boys will love to transmit more when can.